My first and 100% last LoL season

I can't play this game anymore, I feel like Im becoming mentally unstable, can't deal with my teammates and their decisions, their unknowledge of warding or farming, their overextending without flash, junglers who dont know what baron or dragon is, not mentioning they dont know farm instead of ganking lane to feed, I just cant. This is team game and I dont think i played with good team last 30 games or so, even if I won games thats because enemy is worse then my team, not that my team is good or know outplay. Also when i see that lee sin jungle in this silver elo i get sick, same goes to lux supports who just spam abillities ( misses all) and dies. Or even yasuo mid against hard apc then gets demolished then cry to jungler to gank him so they can both die. Anyone who feels same kind of pain can share their toughts, others are welcome to flame here like my teammates in game. :) Im going to {{summoner:12}} to bed now, enough league for tonight, good night. :)
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