How can you stand playing with this community

Fought a super close, long game, inhibs down on both sides. 2v4 fight, Ali and me die to take down 3 with us and stall enough for both Ashe to respawn...she decide to stay in base and let their lone surviving Azir end the game cause it's lost anyway... I'm so done with this shitty assholes...why am I even trying when the assholes have more power in the end anyway? The game was still even afterwards, probably even favored for us, she only needs to step out and do something to prevent half life Azir from ending for 10 seconds at which point Annivia respawns which resets to almost even while we have the stronger teamfight. %%%% this %%%%. If you think it's lost, start a %%%%ing surrender vote and if it's denied %%%%ing try your best until the end instead of deciding for everyone else that the game end now. Saddest thing is, standing afk in base for 10 seconds won't ever get this shit piece of a player banned
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