This community is SO goddamn pessimistic

Yes I am goddamn angry because everyone on this game is so pessimistic, I feking know that its a competitive game but when do you see anyone in sports crying like a goddamn baby about someone under performing in a game? That doesnt happen, why? Because sports is about mentality as well, your body doesnt function 100% when your mind is in a negative state, thats why flaming and toxicity LITERALLY can lose you games. Get this shit into your head people, stop goddamn flaming if you wanna win games, not only are you making it worse for yourself and your state of mind but also for the person your flaming, the more you flame and be toxic the less chance youre gonna win the game or the higher the chance youre gonna throw a game, which is literally what happened in my game when an Ahri was flaming our jungler all game, and guess what? Late game she got caught out 3 times and lost us the game. How many times do people have to keep making mistakes to finally learn from them, the people in this community are so illogical that its insane.

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