disable all chat

idk what it is this season specifically but ranked is even worse than it was last season and all chat seems to be making it that much more annoying. litterally every game people will start insulting and bming for no reason at all its not worth it having all chat on at all. i knew EUW was the most toxic region on league but holy fk dude in terms of teamplay its VERY near unplayable now. it seems like every season it matters less and less how well i do in lane because teammates tend to int after going 0/1 more often than not. and its ironic because i get way more inters in ranked than i do in any blind pick games. and in general i feel like toplane has 0 impact on the game when you play a late game champ. top lane is litterally if you don't pick sett, malphite, or any other of the meta champs you are irrelevant to the outcome of the game and have no impact. which is sad because as a gangplank main i expect myself to do well in late game. we just never get to that point because of the current state of league. ig what i'm trying to say is atleast disable all chat guys as much as league is a coinflip atleast we can decide if we want to see 9 others int and flame :/
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