So i get a suspention for replying to a hard flamer?

Now, i knew that the moderators of the game were morons, but i never thought to such an extent. After a long wave of games in which ppl continued to flame each other and go hard on blasphemy ( all reported to no use), i get myself a ban for kindly replying to a troll that kept going on all game flaming me and, more importantly, trying to turn all my team mates against me ( of course 1 moron tagged along and if we would not have been on a winning game i think all would have just gone hard on troll or flame like it always happens in low elo and like it happened in the game prvious to the one my post is about)? Pretty interesting the way this game allows ppl that go with isults such as f**K your mother, blasphemous ones and hard trollers to go untouched and i get reported for saying baguette and replying to a noob flaming that he is a noob and a flamer? Well he got suspended which makes me happy but never the less.. How does this work? Completely morons the ones judjing plaier behaviour or are there special rules?
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