Is a 14 day ban a first offence punishment?

Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
I just got a 14 day ban from a near completely clean account I have play with for almost 6 years, never been banned or chat restricted other than a leave buster ban from 2013, I know what I said was very wrong but I thought a 7 day ban was first offence punishment not 14 day? to make a long story short, I was playing maokai vs a nasus, was losing initially and our mid laner was down my throat says I was "%%%%%%ed" and such then our support joined in all because my first item was going to be a {{item:3025}} that was 6-8 minutes bare in mind I was about 0/2/0 at this point and the game was not going well for anyone so I said some mean stuff as they did me and muted them and said nothing for the rest of the game. im not asking to be unbanned as what is said was against the summoners code but didnt expect a 14 day ban for my first offence
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