Should Riot change their Summoners Code?

I've been in the boards for the last couple of weeks especially on the Player Behaviour section.I've seen more and more posts about afks,trolls,inters,soft inters(inters that are acting like they are not inting),but for the most part I've seen people getting banned for ''toxicity'' aka flaming posting the chat logs here and there to get ''reviewed'' by people to express their opinion on that matter without actually knowing the situation.I've gotten permabanned on my main account I won't cry about it,I won't ask for it to be unbanned,but I want to ask the community that happens to see this post and hopefully a Rioter If you really think the main problem with League of Legends these days really is flaming. Personally I don't mind flaming I just mute and report people that go overboard, and by overboard I mean non-stop spamming in chat without them actually playing the game,that's why I add an afk report at the post-game screen.One more thing to add is I recently watched a video on youtube from foxdrop that got inted on by a player.I've since ''stalked'' that players just to see them playing the game like nothing happend as a matter of fact his last game was 2 hours ago as of writting the post that guy actually never got punished even though the game was made public and is recorded and seen by thousands on youtube (won't link the video for reasons of harrashment towards the guy). So community and Rioters what are your thoughts should Riot change their priorities into getting inters,afks,trollers etc etc banned, should they be less strict or more strict with flamers,should they be treated the same?Because I don't see any equally punishments for people that actually ruin the game and not just the game experience. Thanks for reading looking forward for your opinions.
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