Make it reportable for someone feeding even if they are actually trying.

I'm sick of watching people feeding in my ranked games, Not even to troll but just because they are that bad, Why? Why do I have a 0/10 Syndra at 9 minutes. I ask 'Are you trolling why you dead 80% of the game so far?' she simply says..... 'Lux is playing really well'. That not good enough no one walks into lane and dies within 20 seconds 8 times in a row...... I report this but people say its not worth it because she is actually trying. EDIT: and for all the people who defiantly going to say 'Haven't you ever had a bad game' Yes I have but I know when to stop killing myself and ruining the game for everyone else, and i sure as hell wouldn't do that in a ranked game, only way im going 0/10 at 10 minutes in is not trying and trolling but that's my point she was just that bad.
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