14 Days Ban - Request Riot Staff

Hey guys, In advance, I’d like to excuse myself for a long wall of text and grammar mistakes, since I am german. I put this case in public here, since the german riot support isn't really helpful, treating me like a robot. Today I could need some of your support, cause my account got suspended for 14 days at the 27.08. The german riot support is not really willing, or (I guess) authorized to invest time investigating the case in detail, since I think I got banned wrong by an automatic system. To explain it a bit more detailed (I will post the chatlog as well later on), I gotta reveal that the account has been punished 2 or 3 times with chat/ranked restrictions in the past. The last chat restriction was lifted more than 3 months ago. Since then, I improved my behavior a lot, due to the fact that I realized it was inappropiate. From that point on, I didn’t receive a single notification about „negative attitude or verbal abuse“ plus earned about 100’s of +Friendly and +Teamwork. Furthermore, I never ever in 2 years of playing League of Legends I got extremely toxic, spamming things like „your mother…, fucktard, tard, I hope you’ll get cancer/aids“ or anything relative to this. Sometimes, I was sarcastic or got mad, using words like „shut up“, but I could leave such phrases out in the present (period of 3 months). In addition, I spent about 90% of my last „recent“ 100 games (about a month) playing with friends only, communicating via Teamspeak or Skype. Well, that’s a short explaining of my case. At the 27th I played a normal draft game solo, obviously got matched with a 4-premade-group. I played Cho midlane against a Zed. I have to admit that I got mad due to the reason that I got camped by their Jungler Hecarim. Anyway, what was the most problem getting me mad, was Amumu (my Jungler) spamming „laughing“-emotes (CTRL+4) at me, when I got killed in a 1n2 on midlane. When I died the 2nd time, the team started to flame me, cause they said I was feeding on purpose. I got mad a bit, but tried to farm savely in jungle cause I fell epic behind and was worried to get destroyed, telling amumu to go midlane to defend the turret (he was more tanky than me). My adc (Lucian) and support (Thresh) got literally personal, using words like „fucktard, asshole“, and several further swearings. I didn’t troll or feed on purpose., nor got toxic in a personal way which would be inappropiate (see the chatlog at the end). I ended up with a 7-6-15 score (which isn’t op, but not troll). At the end of the game, in the statistics screen I obviously got reported by the 4-premade party, cause they made me responsible for losing that game, without stopping to flame me. 2 Minutes after I got back in the mainmenu I received a notification that my ingame behavior was toxic and that I got banned for 14 days. So, that I come to the conclusion, it was generated by an automatic system which banned me, by getting 4 reports of a 4-premade party without any reason to do so. First point is, in the email I got, it says that my „recent“ games were analyzed, which is kind of ridicolous, cause I played with friends only (as I said in the beginning) communicating via teamspeak. The 2nd thing is, that I got mad a bit due to amumu’s behavior and the flaming of the botlane, maybe inappropiate in a small way, using sarcastic or ironic words in a single game within 3 months, which leads to a ban? Third, I obviously got banned by an automatic system (within 2 minutes after my last game), which was only counting the amount of reported, instead of analyzing the chatlog, nor my behavior at all. Fourth, if people get punished at that „amount of toxicity“, I guess that more of 50% of the league of legends community got banned recently? Like, the accounts of the adc and support of that game (Lucian and Thresh), which must be banned permanently, cause the intensity of toxicity of their behavior was way higher than I assume it tob e average (like „fucktard“, and so on). What I want riot to do, is having someone who is authorized to invest the case more detailed than copying standard phrases like „Your Account has being marked as toxic“. Because I know that it got marked, or I wouldn’t have get punished by an automatic system. I just don’t know WHY, nor I can understand how a single game can cause a 14 day ban. In my eyes, the addressed toxicity is in no relation to the punishment, when I keep the behavior of an average player in my mind. Thanks for reading, and maybe upvoting. By the way, there’s my chatlog of the „recent, single, toxic game“: Here are some chat logs that were identified as negative by other players in the community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ gj no ignite zed heca 2nd time mid i got it mid, but I can't 2n1 y and the third time :D its ajoke no gank amumu xD and taking blue <333 luv this kind of teamplay :D reported for refusing to communicate I will jungle now go mid amumu thanks have fun playing 1n2 mid troll? playing 10mins 1n2 mid farming jungler doesn't give blue doesn't communicate at all thats troll its a normal no need to tryhard but if people don't wanna teamplay :( 3 participations of 4 heca 1/5 amumu I am sorry that u expect me to win 1n2 mid ^ should lower your expectations ^ yup I expect amumu to play that way too lucian but he doesnt ;) zed was bad on lane, died in 1n2 lol amumu still farming ;D i never expected anyone to be pro but to teamwork and amumu is refusing to teamwork since min 1 amumu chatban still flaming xD if its on every game you should work on your own mistakes maybe? 2-3-2 I see amumu is gold? :o hahahahaha dia 5 0 lp xD thats obvious amumu 2/8 participations xD any1 got lags too? :o zed 5 kills? xDD if u dont move against zed as adc u die kiting is the keyword ^ silvers know everything better ;D if u learn by better players u can improve if you are too proud u won't thats why i am plat and u are silver on 3 accs loll plat 3, 4 and 5 ^ u dont need to believe lol LOL would you please stop flaming that much lucian? thanks kill zed + graves = easy win graves kill is enough I guess baron wurf op sidesteps good hook focus graves? :D gg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I received a standard, automatic message by the riot support today at the 28.08. It’s just ridicolous, because the riot employee says that my case has been investigated intensively (even if I got banned by an automatic system within 2 minutes). So he is actually lying at me. Nevertheless he isn’t answering my questions or adapts his answer to my case. So that I obviously (as everyone who is able to read it now) will come to the conclusion that he didn’t do anything but copying a prefabricated answer. If you are able to understand some german, here’s the answer of the riot employee: „Hi Crafty776, nach Überprüfung deines Kontos haben wir die Entscheidung getroffen, dein Konto wegen schlechten Verhaltens für zwei Wochen zu sperren. Schlechtes Verhalten gegenüber anderen Spielern können wir bei League of Legends nicht tolerieren, weshalb wir Spieler weiterhin dazu anhalten werden, ihre Verhaltensweise zu ändern. Dabei gilt es zu beachten, dass es nicht darauf ankommt, wer „angefangen hat“, sondern dass diese Verhaltensweise gegenüber anderen Spielern bei League of Legends nicht toleriert werden kann. Diese Verhaltensweise ist inakzeptabel und hat zu der Sperrung geführt. Wenn es nichts Gutes zu sagen gibt, sagt man am besten gar nichts. Falls sich dein Verhalten nicht bessert, könnten härtere Strafen folgen. Tüdelü! Nightmusic“ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I got another answer by the riot support, still not willing to investigate the case. He is still copying standard phrases (german again): Hallo nochmal, der Bann ist nicht allein durch dieses Spiel entstanden, dein Account weist ein überaus hohes Maß an Toxizität auf. Dieser Bann ist eine Art Warnung, denn wenn du dich weiterhin nicht an den Weg der Beschwörer hältst (falls du nochmal einen Blick darauf werfen möchtest - http://gameinfo.euw.leagueoflegends.com/de/game-info/get-started/summoners-code/), droht dir bald eine permanente Sperre. Wenn ich noch etwas für dich tun kann, sag bescheid, ansonsten wünsche ich dir viel Spaß auf den Richtfeldern! Tüdelü! Nightmusic (Player Support Riot Games)
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