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> "WHY DOES MY HONOR LEVEL AFFECT RANKED REWARDS? > It might seem counterintuitive to some players that we withhold rewards and reward progress below a certain Honor threshold, but—to us—sportsmanship is a big deal in competitive play, both in and outside of League. > > When we look at the most successful Ranked players, they’re the ones who can stay cool under pressure, lead their teams in difficult circumstances, and work together to win games. Ranked rewards are all about bragging rights and recognizing success, so we can use Honor to make sure you’re being a good teammate before we hand them out. " This is what riot stated ,but it took for me 3 months to go from lv 0 honor to lv 1 , how they decide if i am still worth the ranked rewards or not ,why the refference is the honor level and not the time you stayed chill after you got banned , for exemple people who were honor lv 1 in 3 months had time to get back to lv 2 and get ranked rewards , i can't because i need like 6 months to get to honor level 2 that's about half year ,and i am definetly changed as i reached already honor lv 1 , had lot's of moments people tryed to piss me or to make me angry how ever this dosn't matter they just care about high elo , come on riot watch and low elo not just high tiers , ofc in high tiers is less flame cause there aren't that many people who play bad and who don't use advices and criticism ,but yeah let's just watch high elo tiers how they behave , we don't care that 60% of the players are middle elo gold V to platinum+ . If there would be someone from riot playing this awesome game every day ranked you would see what it have to be done and how difficult is for many others to stay chill , i am not say that you can't stay chill but you need to be dalai lama when you play middle elo etc... , even smurfers laught of how people play these tiers , and they more likely flame too and they would flame too if they would have to play all the day middle elo alone without any friend... . Even if they smurf they go premade so damn bad is the ranked matchmaking and you think we deserve to be punished by taking us the psihical rewards for playing good ... what's the point to still care about ranked now , i anyway take same reward as a platinum player if i end gold next year... ,if i will play next year but i doubt i will ... . Take your eyes from higher tiers and focus on how all the mass of players feel playing ranked ... ,cause this is like you would make an analys basically just on 10-20% of all league of legends players and that's a shame... ,you can't consider me toxic for being chill 3 months after my last punishment .... Come explain me why i no deserve ranked rewards for progressing honorable ??? , explain me how you establish if i worth ranked rewards or not , based on a level and not on my behaviour , what's that honor level for you ... , is just a shame that you hide behind that ... ,i promise you that i stop play league of legends if you keep going like this ... , i already planning my walk away from this cause is obvious not anymore a competitive game and neither a game you can share your skill and win games, neither a game you can't loss because of team mates mistakes or because they flame and tilt you or they go afk... and for this and more others aspects i can leave any time while you asking for people to stay chill when you just not fixing matchmaking problem and just can't balance teams proper neither to balance them regarding how they behave . For me is like you random giving teams in ranked just to make it quick you ain't anymore calculate to match up them balanced , you do it faster and you do it more worse than ever ,is really feels really stupid , i loss a game hard because of many trollers or bad players and the next game the enemy team take trollers and feeders etc... , for me is a waste of time when this happen and i seen such stuffs 100 times or more ... , i played like 600+ ranked games and i am really feel your ranked system a grinding machine , how i tested it , is not hard ,i just gave up to play anymore my highest skill and i started to demote from gold 1 to gold 3 , is normal totally normal ... , i had and games i did 18 6 without to have problems but still lost them because of afk or smth else.. ,is a shame you can't balance games , you neither agree with me you just hide yourself there behind volunteers on board... i hope one day all this game player base see these problems ... !!! I bet 90% of all veterans been throught all of these ,the riot system dosn't know how to detect your highest plays and your normal plays ,it match your mmr regarding how you play ... , if it set it too higher it will give you lower team mates who ain't play that good ... ,is a problem that because then you can't handle your games if you start poorly or just they destroy your game ... ,chaos in one word what this matchmaking system looks like ,mmr starts to feel like it ain't that well calculated... , is funny for me cause this is only what riot can... , they should have 2 codes for calculating mmr ... one for normal gameplay and one for your highest plays than normal ,it should somehow balance throught getting the mediate between those ,so it result a more accurate mmr , had multiple wins in row , and it seted my mmr so high that i was needing 6 games on 0 lp to demote from gold 2 to gold 3 ,like 2 times and one it happened to be from gold 3 to gold IV , 6+6+6=18 games to demote 2 divisions cool not ?, it was really well setted mmr , and when i was demoting i was getting so low team mates ... that just was let me loss with 23 4 score as adc etc... a big shame regarding how riot mmr balanced my account !!! i ended having more losses than wins regarding number of games played ranked ,and my mmr was higher with more winns than losses ranked like 20 or 26 games... before demote problems showing up etc..., etc... ,my mmr got smashed again... , i am getting now matched with silver III vs gold 1 or plat V ,legit matchmaking.. End of season is the best now regarding you win if you get lucky smurfer easy ,if the smurfer is in enemy team good luck trying to win if you may have skill to be plat + that dosn't matter when others can't handle that smurfer skill and they just offer him all the advantage etc...
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