Goodbye League of Legends

I got a 2 weeks ban for flaming, witch is ok. In thsoe 2 weeks I managed to play other games that I haven't touched in a long time and had much more fun than I ever had while playing League this season. In the end, I remembered that my ban expired so I decided to play again. First game I get auto filled ADC. I play decent and get a few kills early. Unfortunately, mu Lux supp decided to AA minions, To use spells to push instead of harassing, to mindlessly spam her abilities when I go B so by the tiem im back to lane, she has to go back and vice versa, mid hard inted, top hard inted, so mid and top ganked bot nonstop until it was unwinnable. Second game I go mid. My top Pantheon decides to go solo and camp at thier red and gives the enemy mid LB first blood at min 2 and my ADC decides to go full ape mode and hard int and afk farming when our Yuumi is fighting Morgana alone in the river. Top decided to hard int too and then grief the entire game: is right near me when I engage on Morgana, but I die because HE DECIDES TO USE HIS ULT AT POINT BLANK RANGE intsead of simply clicking his mouse and stun her, Q her,E her, AA her or absolutely anything else, after we lose a 4v5 on bot he decides to TP to kill himself, then he decides to use TP to go from fountain to inhib tower. Second game end and I get demoted lolololololololololololololo. This 14 days holiday opened my eyes. This game is a lost cause. Have fun everyone.
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