Can we please not be idiots

you lose lane? no problem. just realize you did and stop fighting at 0/2 until you're a bit stronger. I probably know my match up better than you. if i'm playing singed against Teemo and i tell you (not even just ping) 5 times not to gank. Don't gank. When our team is behind but we have pressure because of splitpush. Don't go 1v5. Actually unless you're 20/0 yasuo against anything, except your 2 or something counters in the game, don't go 1v5. when i tell you, the support, not to take my farm at toplane. Don't take it, i either really needed it or i didn't want my lane pushed. I realize most of my mistakes. i know i died because i got a bit greedy. i know i'm not roaming because i'm pushing top. but i also know i can't 1v5 the enemy team. Unless they all chase me {{champion:27}} . i'm also sick of having to play against yasuo every game. i hated the piece of shit the first time i saw him, pls stop making him popular.
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