I have never felt this depressed and disappointed in the current state of league of legends

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Dear readers and hopefully members of the staff and gameplay directors. I think that the current state of league of legends is in need for a better system as the overall player experience has been in decline for a while. Instead of spending ressources on marketing teams, developing skins(I understand their importance to the economy of the developers) or luring money out of players in other ways, the in-game report system has been screaming for help in the last few years. The system of league of legends is far behind that of many other online competitive games and I know that I am one among many feeling this way. When youre such a large company, how can you ignore the need to improve a system that is obviously not functioning very well. I tried to provide evidence of how in a 20-game span encountered 60% of people that were either ragequitting or simply running it down or playing against their teammates, yet they found reasons to remove that post. So this time i'm trying again and making it anonymously to obey the rules... just to prove what kind of players that arent getting punished. His/her consistent track record is a evidence of how these players simply are not being punished. It is the same in higher as well as lower elo's. The players getting banned are those who get frustrated and decides to ask others to report this player or similar "negative" behavior. I have not gotten a ban yet... Since I keep my reactions at a minimum. But I guess it is only a question about time, because if you play passionately and consistently encounter people who ruins the game, then at some points you lose your patience. This player will continue to do so. In many more games, which will tilt other people into doing the same. Anytime a system that is supposed to maintain a healthy gaming culture has a mute function and dishes out exponentially more bans for cursing/flaming/whatever than it does for actually in game griefing/inting/afking, you have a crazy cognitive dissonance. Is it the priority to have a healthy gaming community orrrrr simply having a less strict system to get the biggest player base as possible? If you report someone and they are banned, you may get a notification. But other than that, and maybe some reading on the boards, you have no idea that players are actually being punished for their bad behaviour. This has lead to the impression that reports do nothing and that misbehaving players are never punished, and that impression (true or not) leads to players believing that they can get away with bad behaviours without penalty. Additionally, there are so many people playing League that for every one who ints or afks and goes without getting punished for their bad behaviour, more will come as a result. It will tilt others into doing the same and the toxicity grows. These players then believe that misbehaving or being toxic is considered acceptable because they don't know any better. They see that behaviour in almost all of their games, so it must be the way people behave, and since there's no information available on how many players get banned, they can easily assume that almost no one ever does. I understand that people has evolved and found ways to break the summoners code without triggering the system such as circling the nexus instead of afking or using codewords for insults and im not saying this is the systems fault. Im saying the system is in need of being improved. Things CAN be done, to improve the overall player experience and effectiveness of the system. I have several suggestions. However, is it in their interest to do so? I believe that ultimately it is not their priority to reduce their player base by imposing a stricter system. I am disappointed. I have played since season 1 and I have never been more disappointed in your system.
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