Feedback for Riot regarding the removal of honor from a players account after a ban.

Hi all, Below I have pasted a recent request I sent to Riot Support regarding a 14 day ban I received over 3 months ago. My intentions were to better understand a number of things surrounding my case. I received a semi-automated reply and was advised to post on these boards as feedback reports cannot be directly passed to the development team via Riot Support. I have shared my request below with hopes that members of Riot and the community can read and consider my point regarding the removal of honor from a players account and the implications of doing so. (NOTE: My first question was answered by Riot so I have no further questions in relation to it. However, I do not feel like my second and third questions were answered as the response was copypasted and did not really clarify anything meaningfully. I apologise for the length but I hope the time I spent writing this up will at least see my point considered.) "Riot, I am writing regarding a 14 day ban I incurred over 3 months ago. I should have submitted a ticket then to understand better at the time, but I believed that it would make little or no difference to the outcome. I've always been a positive player since I started playing LoL and I hope that this will never change. I like to think that statement could at least have some weight to it based upon the friendly, helpful, teamwork and honor a player can receive after a game. Unfortunately, however, I've had two incredibly frustrating and saddening experiences in my two years playing and this resulted in a 14 day ban. Moreover, it appears the punishments are ongoing and more severe than I first thought... The two instances I refer to above were of me being verbally abused and targeted by my teammates in chat. I now know after spending a lot of time on forums and researching this issue that something as simple as muting teammates who act in this way is very effective (although, at that time I was naive enough to think that muting any teammate regardless of their behaviour also had a negative impact on teamwork). The abuse and targetting reduced my motivation to play to zero, it led me to rage and further it stupidly led me to feed intentionally in both instances. I guess I seen it as a way to get back at my team for ruining my experience and for making an otherwise enjoyable and rewarding team game into a miserable and degrading solo hell. Now that my 14 day ban is 3 months behind me there are still some questions I have regarding it: 1). I referred above to two instances where I know I responded incorrectly to provocation, which thereafter resulted in my 14 day ban. After reading up on the Instant Feedback System I found information on the escalation path it uses. It states that a second offence results in a 25 game chat restirction. However, I received no prior chat restriction or warning for either instance - I was simply banned. All I want is to better understand the reasons for my 14 day ban and the ensuing punishments. I honestly and wholeheartedly can only admit to and reflect upon the two instances I have mentioned as I am sincerely not aware of there being any other instance where I have broken the summoners code by degrading either my teammates or opponents LoL experience in any way. That being said, I respectfully ask if you could help provide an answer as to why there were no restrictions or warnings given for first and second offences in this case, and why the Instant Feedback System handed out a punishment which the escalation path states is suitable for a third offence. 2). The punishment of a 14 day ban was frustrating, especially for someone who enjoys LoL as much as I do and who has invested a lot of time and money into the game to help it grow with hopes that it will continue evolving into something even better. What is even harder to deal with is that Riot is still punishing me 3 months later with hextech crafting and loot restrictions on my account. I again looked into the information available on the Riot support page and found that the period of time this restriction lasts is completely dependent upon my reform, behaviour duing games and consistent display of goods sportsmanship towards teammates and opponents alike. I believe that with the exception of the the two instances mentioned above I have always displayed the qualities that Riot highlights as being sportsmanlike and of good conduct. After the ban I even searched quite a bit in an attempt to form a group of friends/team where we could work together and communicate over headset to help alleviate the issues that the in-game text chat can have. I was lucky enough to find and be accepted by a community called Ethereal Gaming where the members also want an enviroment that is positive and enjoyable for all players and where we play together over headset. My question regarding the ongoing restriction is 'what methods does Riot use to determine when the restriction will be lifted?'. I'm at the point where it's not even the lack of hextech crafting or loot that bothers me, its that Riot's punishments for two isolated offences are continuous and require me to meet a criteria of behaviour which I have and always do display outside of the aforementioned offences. I just feel like I can't fix my behaviour any more than I have when it wasn't broken in the first place - It was unfortunately two moments where I let my emotions get the better of me. 3). Lastly, I refer to the honor system which I mentioned in my first paragraph. Out of all of the points I have made this is probably the one that conerns me the most and I hope you can see where I'm coming from by highlighting this. After my 14 day ban, all of the friendly, helpful, teamwork and honorable opponent honors I had accrued over 2 years of playing LoL was reduced to zero... Suddenly, any previous display of good behaviour, teammwork and sportmanlike qualities had been erased by Riot... I find this really disturbing and difficult to truly understand. It is akin to removing/deleting/hiding/burying a person's past achievements for a mistake they made. Imagine making a mistake in work only for your boss to delete any record of your education as a result... My question is 'Will the honor achievements I earned prior to my 14 day ban ever be returned to me?', and if not, 'Will Riot please reconsider their stance on removing honor from a players account?', as I honestly believe that doing so only alienates and frustrates players who have genuinely tried hard past or present to make LoL an enjoyable experience for both their teammates and opponents both, despite their mistakes. I apologise for the length of this request as I honestly want to better understand the circumstances and result of my previous ban. Please, if you are reading this and don't automatically think it's all just nonense and are in a position where you can discuss this with a team leader or someone in Riot that can make a change, or at the very least investigate these circumstances (especially the last point conerning the honor removal) I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time to read my request."
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