Why are there only "Threads", about the toxic players and why not about the "unskilled players?"

I only see threads about "if you don't flame, you have a better winning chance", and I don't disagree with that. However there are not any threads dedicated to give the unskilled players any tips. They only complain about the toxic players, but they don't improve themselves, by getting better in the game, that could also lead to an overall better team play. Some of those toxic players, aren't bad people, they are just frustrated, that they always do nice in game, help their team etc. but all they get back from their team is even more feeds, by suicide from his teammates over and over again etc. And if they lose a game like 5 times in a row, then they are already that frustrated, that they write something, even if it wasn't there intention. The "unskilled players", always complain about the toxic players, but they won't improve, even after 1000 games they will still keep on suicide to the enemies and ruin other people games. Again I'm not saying, that you should be toxic, I am against being toxic and I completely agree, that no matter how frustrated you are, you still shouldn't be toxic. The point is just, that only the toxic people get blamed, while the unskilled ones , that can't even improve a tiny bit after 1000 games, keep on ruining other people games. Yeah, some people just might be not that good at the game, but after 1000 games running all the time into 1 vs 5 and then blaming the toxic players for being toxic for your own mistakes in game. That is like intentionally feeding or assisting the enemy team, so both sides do some kind of harassment to each other, even if the one side is not flaming. All I'm trying to say is, okay if someone flames you, mute and report him, but don't deny your mistakes and improve in the game. So you won't feed that hard in almost every of your games and you can deny a lots of flame too. And repeating this a second time. I'm also against toxic behavior, so don't get this thread wrong.
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