You are making the game unplayable for other people.

If you think that it's "OK" to just disconnect and leave a note in chat saying how hopeless your teammates are with an excuse that it's "preseason anyways" or just refuse to obey the rules of playing the lane you got in Ranked then proceeding to troll on somebody else's lane. After a few days of not playing the game, i decided to try and play a few games. The first game was absolutely interesting, as i had three quitters who also happened to be flamers as well. Alright, happens. Let's move on. Second game starts, our top laner refuses to go with the lane he got so he thought it would be a good idea to have two junglers in our team. After that i just calmly accepted the fate of losing LP due to irresponsible and immature players who just want to ruin the fun and competitiveness for other players in the game and just exit the game. This is not something that can or will be changed, nor will this topic change or prevent future incidents from happening. But let's just say that i was a victim too. Let's remind others that they are not alone regarding the unfortunate current state of the player base. I am not letting this affect my opinion about the game nor am i letting it bother me. And that's what other people should do too. The one thing i do mind, though, is losing the LP due to these uncontrollable occurrences. I wish the system could give back the LP or prevent you from losing the LP if your teammate(s) deliberately did something to put the enemy team at a big advantage (DC-ing intentionally, trolling on other lanes etc..) Or, just an automatic system detecting these activities and automatically punishing the players who are accountable for them. The current system state doesn't cover either. Even the tickets don't mean nothing when trying to alert the Rioters about certain player activities.
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