Getting bored

Hey, so I know that there are probably a lot of posts containing this problem, but I kinda felt like creating another one (and I am too lazy to search for them, so..). So briefly something about me. I play League for 6 years now, and I am not saying that I am good (otherwise I would still be in silver, right?), and I always was the tryhard sort of player. The past year (season 7) I started to more enjoy the game, and I wasnt even mad about loosing, I just tried to have fun. By now I believe you guessed what this post will be about so lets skip it to the main reason I am writing this. Lately, I am meeting at least 1 or 2 players, in every single game, that probably just hate when people are having fun, so they decided to ruin it. Last game I played with that guy, who told me (after I asked him, why is he rushing 1v5 into the enemy team, and that it would be better to just wait for our team, which by that time was pretty fed- for example I had 14/3 and our jg was doing good too) that our midlane tilted him, so he dont care about winning, and that he will just throw the game, beacouse he is bored of this game, and in fact he dont want to win. Honestly I wouldnt care if we could fight them in 4, but even when we were quite ahead we couldnt fight them like that (they had more tanks, and their midlaner was fed). So we lost a game that we would probably had won. And thats what bothers me. Not that we lost, but that this game made us lost the game. And I wont lie, part of me is still the tryhard as I was before, but I am trying to actually improve and learn from my mistakes. The thing that I am trying to say is that I am getting tired of the community in this game. Its the same in every single game I played this season. Someone is not having a good game, so instead of trying to think about it and find a way to be useful to team, he just decides to destroy the experience of the game for others. I am sure that there are a lot of people who feels the same, and if you look on youtube you gonna find quite a lot youtubers who were making videos about League, that at some point, they decided to leave this game and mostly its beacouse this community. Well, I think that i said quite enough, so I am quite curious for your responses, if there will be any. Thanks for hearing me out, and GLHF on the rift.
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