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original reddit post above,im jost gonna copy paste what i said and hope i could get unbanned So guys,i was playing with my lad,and he told me "brb 10 minutes" waited him with the client ON and when he came back(i could still type to him) he gave me a link that said "player banned" and he couldn't start the match(cause i was banned) This is for what i got banned https://imgur.com/a/FnEbqzy I made a ticket and they told me that in my last 20 games i got reported 8 times I hope someone from riot sees this and we can talk,because i just made lvl 2 honour (and checkpoing 1 of 3 for lvl3) and i just want my account clean, For people wondering what the ticked said. https://imgur.com/WkhBkLm Let's help a reformed lad here to get his account back,can we?
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