14-day suspension for something I did not do.

Hello everyone, I have recently received a 14-day ban for intentionally feeding in a normal game. (http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3357726174/36344788?tab=overview) I am the Sion in this game. As you can see I did indeed feed a bit, but we were playing for shits and giggles with full premade, and someone said to me go play Lethality Sion. Which I did as you can see from my build path and runes. And in the end of the game I decided to just sell it all and buy full armor. This is the game I have been banned for. I have never intentionally fed in my 6 years of play, I have never even received a chat restriction or some other kind of punishment in my entire 6 years of league play. If I had been intentionally feeding and received this ban, I would not have mind. But since I most certainly was NOT intentionally feeding. And I still got the suspension for it. This pisses me off. As you can see in the ticket, I have been respectful to the rioters aswell, which I always try my hardest to be. But apparently they have found that I have been intentionally feeding in that game, which doesn't make sense because I didn't. It's just weird to me, how I play respectfully and cleanly for 6 years, just to be suspended by something they claim I did, which I did not do. Do what you want with this information, I just want to get this out there. That the suspension system is in fact flawed. At least the one for intentionally feeding. Greetings, Mark/Aeszul

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