users, moderators and riot employees are lying on this forum

I asked multiple times if people in lower honor levels get more flamers. The answer was always no, no matter who answered. Well guess what, you're all wrong/lying. It DOES make a difference. Being above honor level 2 checkpoint 0 for the first time in my life, im IMMEDIATELY saw a difference in how often people flamed. there was almost no flame at all. Then i got chat restricted again some days ago, going back to some locked honor level. well guess what, now everyones flaming again, like they always did. FLAMER ELO DOES EXIST JUST LIKE ELO HELL EXISTS. get over it. And I can't believe that this is Riots strategy to improve the game.. Yeah someone flames.. just put him together with other flamers, that SURE will work. lmao not really. Seeing that no one here is every honest, I see absolutely no point ever coming back to this place again, since it is full of hipocrits. Bye. (Im not reading ur responses lmao)
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