If League of Legends would be real life

player1:"Omg, please, someone call the police, my colleague is permanently sexually molesting me." (after all 4 teammates did!!!) player7 "omg shut up noob" player8"stop spam all chat" player1:"seriously, i feel really uncomfortable, he keeps molesting me" player 4:" omg you ugly %%%%% noboidy would ever touch you, shut up!" player 2:"yeah shut up %%%%%, you are just ugly" player 3:"look yours stats 1:3 ugyl" (while beeing 1:3:10)) player1:"please report them for sexual moleting and toxic" end of the day, player 1 get banned for beeing mad about beeing molested!! you all know this is the truth! people do shit and toxic trash, you mad about it and call it out, you get bannned! but the toxic trash stays alive and toxic!! player intentinoally feeding and troll from beginning, you are mad about it, get banned while trolls stay alive!!! gg epic system riot! this is LEAGUE OF LEGENDS IN A NUTSHELL!
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