RIP maybe good/Dr1ftKing Beta-Preseason 6 So my journey is over now I quess.It was really nice to play until recent changes in-game and that is where I exploded. There are too much broken champs and this game is really unbalanced right now.My mistake is spam but I dont regret any single flame on enemies. Yes I flamed enemies,not my teamates,I used to be that idiot who flamed teamates but I realized that its not their fault when they lose to some kid who plays ryze or garen or anything other that is free win My advice is to set chatscale to -100,dont use chat at all or something.I didnt curse someones mother or wished any diesease but I got ban for spam.This season will force a lot people to flame but try to be stronger than riot and dont flame My last words on boards ever,LOL,I cant beleive that this is my goodbye,I imagined my goodbye while I am in high diamond or something xD See you all guys :)

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