Just don't play this game if you are having a hard day/not in a good mood

Here is a help to not get you banned/chat restricted. When you don't feel well just don't play this game. Like today i hardly flamed 3 matches because i'm having a hard day so i lost myself and i have hard to control my anger sometimes. Yes i got 25 matches chat restricted and yes i deserved and i don't care i can still play the game. The first 1 was defending myself because 2 of my teamates were flaming at me with caps lock first so i was mad and i said something back to them and the others was flaming on purpose. Just don't play LOL if you're having a bad day so you won't be playing with feeders or flamers and you won't lose yourself on this game like i did. MarineSoldierMC: just why exuast? MarineSoldierMC: when you have Q and E you dont need exaust MarineSoldierMC: yeah i spam gragas again none of your business MarineSoldierMC: lux use ignite next time MarineSoldierMC: ward MarineSoldierMC: W MarineSoldierMC: is ok MarineSoldierMC: is ok MarineSoldierMC: i need to recall MarineSoldierMC: im sry lux MarineSoldierMC: i excaped MarineSoldierMC: ty MarineSoldierMC: god MarineSoldierMC: you took it again MarineSoldierMC: another ks MarineSoldierMC: my kill MarineSoldierMC: lux come MarineSoldierMC: you got this MarineSoldierMC: fck MarineSoldierMC: wtf MarineSoldierMC: ffs MarineSoldierMC: jax MarineSoldierMC: you havent gank once in 15 mins MarineSoldierMC: no shlt gragas MarineSoldierMC: get more lucky kids MarineSoldierMC: your jungler won the lane for you MarineSoldierMC: jax cant eve nsmite MarineSoldierMC: jax MarineSoldierMC: where are you going now MarineSoldierMC: JAX WAKE THE FCK IP MarineSoldierMC: UP MarineSoldierMC: you idiot MarineSoldierMC: report jax MarineSoldierMC: pls MarineSoldierMC: grag stfu MarineSoldierMC: i would won my lane MarineSoldierMC: if kane didnt come MarineSoldierMC: nice chase kayn MarineSoldierMC: ik MarineSoldierMC: jax noob MarineSoldierMC: DEF MarineSoldierMC: ok keep playing like a %%%%% MarineSoldierMC: your trash team is nothing if we dont have a trashy jg like jax MarineSoldierMC: is true MarineSoldierMC: yeah MarineSoldierMC: you ks MarineSoldierMC: i have better MarineSoldierMC: guys just report jax MarineSoldierMC: JAX MarineSoldierMC: WTF MarineSoldierMC: I SSEE IT MarineSoldierMC: fck you too MarineSoldierMC: oh yeah MarineSoldierMC: 1 more thing MarineSoldierMC: dont fck me MarineSoldierMC: i dont want aids from you MarineSoldierMC: ok stop flamming MarineSoldierMC: jax MarineSoldierMC: why are you going solo MarineSoldierMC: no you are not MarineSoldierMC: you are a moron MarineSoldierMC: no MarineSoldierMC: im not reporting wukong MarineSoldierMC: im reporting jax MarineSoldierMC: is true jax MarineSoldierMC: thats right MarineSoldierMC: also kayne helped them to win MarineSoldierMC: yep MarineSoldierMC: ks MarineSoldierMC: just report jax for ks MarineSoldierMC: no MarineSoldierMC: not now MarineSoldierMC: TOWER MarineSoldierMC: because he is noob MarineSoldierMC: gg MarineSoldierMC: 0 drake MarineSoldierMC: NOW END MarineSoldierMC: sry caps MarineSoldierMC: Kayn triggered? MarineSoldierMC: hahahaah MarineSoldierMC: report kayn noob champ MarineSoldierMC: wukong MarineSoldierMC: wtf MarineSoldierMC: no MarineSoldierMC: im not MarineSoldierMC: ok kyne calm the fck down we are wining MarineSoldierMC: gg MarineSoldierMC: JAX NO MarineSoldierMC: no shlt MarineSoldierMC: jax MarineSoldierMC: do you have brain? MarineSoldierMC: no MarineSoldierMC: you are a noob MarineSoldierMC: need to recall MarineSoldierMC: report jax MarineSoldierMC: go elder now MarineSoldierMC: 4 what? MarineSoldierMC: just report this useless trash MarineSoldierMC: pls you garbage MarineSoldierMC: help us MarineSoldierMC: o öagged MarineSoldierMC: jax you useless trash MarineSoldierMC: i lagged you fck MarineSoldierMC: im lagging MarineSoldierMC: stfu you idiot flamer MarineSoldierMC: report gragsa for flamming MarineSoldierMC: you are flamming MarineSoldierMC: keep raging kid MarineSoldierMC: go play COD MarineSoldierMC: in your xbox MarineSoldierMC: im having 40000 ping MarineSoldierMC: you idiot MarineSoldierMC: are you trump then? MarineSoldierMC: you think you are running the world? MarineSoldierMC: no MarineSoldierMC: you fck tard MarineSoldierMC: stfu you fat fck MarineSoldierMC: you are noob MarineSoldierMC: so stfu MarineSoldierMC: you idiot MarineSoldierMC: yeah MarineSoldierMC: go play cod MarineSoldierMC: bit ch Game 2 MarineSoldierMC: im going back MarineSoldierMC: my runes sucks MarineSoldierMC: i had wrong runes MarineSoldierMC: ult MarineSoldierMC: no MarineSoldierMC: too late MarineSoldierMC: useless top MarineSoldierMC: nice ss you motherfcker MarineSoldierMC: top you are just a useless idiot MarineSoldierMC: no MarineSoldierMC: our toplaner is an idiot MarineSoldierMC: akali go top MarineSoldierMC: fck off MarineSoldierMC: go top MarineSoldierMC: idiot top laner MarineSoldierMC: nice ss top MarineSoldierMC: you fcking idiot MarineSoldierMC: report akali for feeding and 0 ping MarineSoldierMC: or ss MarineSoldierMC: akali uninstal lol MarineSoldierMC: and play cod MarineSoldierMC: you useless idiot MarineSoldierMC: report akali for feeding and 0 ss MarineSoldierMC: pls surrender and report op MarineSoldierMC: for feeding MarineSoldierMC: report akali for feeding MarineSoldierMC: yeah MarineSoldierMC: you useless piece shlt MarineSoldierMC: delete lol MarineSoldierMC: you suck MarineSoldierMC: asss MarineSoldierMC: because top feeding MarineSoldierMC: i died 4 times by riven MarineSoldierMC: stfu polish MarineSoldierMC: nobody understands you MarineSoldierMC: speak enlish you uneduacated piece shlt MarineSoldierMC: lag MarineSoldierMC: pls surrender MarineSoldierMC: we cant win MarineSoldierMC: YES MarineSoldierMC: im lagging MarineSoldierMC: just like you you stupid wannker MarineSoldierMC: i could win if im not laging you mother%%%er MarineSoldierMC: so stfu and plug the cod disk in your xbox and play that you bit ch MarineSoldierMC: kid MarineSoldierMC: cod is the best game for you to play MarineSoldierMC: just report akali for feeding MarineSoldierMC: report akali MarineSoldierMC: just do it MarineSoldierMC: ekko and akali uninstall lol Game 3 MarineSoldierMC: yw MarineSoldierMC: yeah that was nice MarineSoldierMC: ty for help MarineSoldierMC: you could kill 2 MarineSoldierMC: if you come MarineSoldierMC: then dont you stupid wanker MarineSoldierMC: go slit your wrist MarineSoldierMC: wrist MarineSoldierMC: you idiot MarineSoldierMC: dont help me then MarineSoldierMC: why dont you go rape your mom MarineSoldierMC: you shut hte fck up MarineSoldierMC: go raape your mom MarineSoldierMC: you bit ch MarineSoldierMC: hey you flammed first MarineSoldierMC: you realize that you idiot MarineSoldierMC: im not taking MarineSoldierMC: bit ch MarineSoldierMC: so go raape your mom MarineSoldierMC: you are dead MarineSoldierMC: ?? MarineSoldierMC: YES MarineSoldierMC: sry caps MarineSoldierMC: nice MarineSoldierMC: FCK MarineSoldierMC: didnt see him MarineSoldierMC: playing MarineSoldierMC: because i was ganking top MarineSoldierMC: FKC MarineSoldierMC: sry MarineSoldierMC: acident MarineSoldierMC: is just flex MarineSoldierMC: if you want real ranked go play solo due MarineSoldierMC: off MarineSoldierMC: you piece shlt MarineSoldierMC: for what MarineSoldierMC: for what MarineSoldierMC: ty MarineSoldierMC: 0 help MarineSoldierMC: well idc(i don't care) MarineSoldierMC: is flex MarineSoldierMC: flex MarineSoldierMC: if you want real ranked play solo due MarineSoldierMC: go ahead MarineSoldierMC: after that you can go raape your mom MarineSoldierMC: what does it looks like MarineSoldierMC: for what+ MarineSoldierMC: I DIDNT FEED MarineSoldierMC: you flammed me first MarineSoldierMC: vote yes MarineSoldierMC: is done MarineSoldierMC: so i dont care MarineSoldierMC: yeah MarineSoldierMC: what MarineSoldierMC: report me MarineSoldierMC: i dont mind MarineSoldierMC: a ban MarineSoldierMC: i can buy another 100 level acount MarineSoldierMC: lag MarineSoldierMC: gg MarineSoldierMC: why dont you report me

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