do trolls and afks actually get banned?

ive had 2 double jungles, 2 afks and a disco nunu within the last couple of days. ofcourse ive reported all of them but i have not gotten a single message saying that a player who ive recently reported got punished. however if someone flames i get some messages saying that here and there. its more than just depressing to go for the last bit of climbing at the end of the season trying to hit my goal and just ending up not getting there in time because there are so many trolls and afks. if i wouldve won half of those games or maybe 60% since i do win quite a lot of the even games in the past couple of days id be on my diamond 1 promos now and could reach masters before the season ends. but now im here and need to win 17 games in a row to get there.....and none of those who made me fail my attempt of hitting this goal got punished....i guess i can also just go on my smurf and int feed game after game and noone cares about it right
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