Do flamers want to win?

Just had a ranked game there with a duo premade on my team wont go into much details but things went wrong from first gank with fault on both me and one of them then a tirade of abuse came from both for the next 20 minutes of the game with all chat being spammed "report xx noob" and the usual cancer stuff.But after they started talking I stopped caring about winning, imo people like that dont deserve to win infact they don't deserve to play . I know you can mute them etc but I like to see what they say and then check if they actually get a ban or if saying stuff like "I hope you die a horrible death" etc etc is ok in lol But w.e the point I'm trying to make is if flamers want to win , are they too thick to see that when they start insulting team members the game turns from a 5v5 to a 4v6 or worse, its just so counter-productive and ruins the game for everybody.. /rant
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