Are players not used to criticism?

OK, I'm just here to bitch, so if anyone doesn't like it, then please forgive me. So I've just come off a game where I a,s a jungler, just got flamed for questioning another player build. Teemo was buying a Doran's ring then two long swords against a Pantheon. When I asked: Why the fuck would you buy AD on a Teemo with AP scaling abilities? This Teemo went batshit crazy. He didn't say a word just sold all his items and bought 2 tears then asked me if i was happy? My mid lane Zed for some reason defended Teemo's build, saying that Hextechgun blade is a core item on Teemo, so buying AD items is ok. then saying I'm stupid and insulting my score of 1/4 not acknowledging that I got first blood for my bot lane and because of a 0/7/0 teemo I got killed 3 times at the top lane trying to help him. I understand if my asking of Teemo's build is a bit rude. but seriously? Would it not make more sense to buy the AP item on Teemo before buying the AD? And if you are a 0/4/0 Teemo at 10 mins into the game shouldn't you try to build a bit more tanky? At least a Rylais? I've been in games where there was AP yasuos and AD sorakas, I've always asked the same way. Why The Fuck would you buy this on that champions. Most of them gave good or at least fun reasons....(I want to be the death/flying banana of doom champion). Then i'll just leave them alone or at least recommend some weird items to make it more fun. Ok bitching over, Let's hope i don't play with these kind of people ever again...
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