Hello Riot!

It`s been a long way since season 2 played on 6 accounts had the bad and the good as well all these years but it`s time for me to step aside from this game,this is actually not playable at any level what so ever,it has the most toxic and disgusting community i have ever seen in my entire life trust me i`m 29 but i have not seen anything like this before and i will never see again for sure.I`m sad that i have to step aside from this game i have spent so many years playing this game and it kinda frustrates me because the whole community of the EUNE is really toxic and they have a really bad attitude towards the game since the beginning like 80% of the games they already flame each other in the lobby,or pre 20 minutes,i`m really sick of this i get to a point where no matter how good or how feed i get my self there`s no way you can carry some of the games there`s just no such thing so i think wasting 6 hours +++ a day on gaming it worth wasting it on a game which is actually brings joy as well and not a game where people are having the clownfiesta every single game.I hope you guys from Riot understand that there`s a need of change regarding to solo queue and flex,you cant queue up a bronze with a plat or a silver with a diamond that`s just stupid.Thanks a lot and all the best for all the summoners out there.
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