Banned for 0 reason @Eambo

Game 1 In-Game KING6619: Bronze 4 with 30% winrate KING6619: b4 with 30% winrate KING6619: He banned evelynn i wanted play now say rep kata llol KING6619: 2 premade with 30% winrate in bronze4 KING6619: Rep them KING6619: WTf KING6619: muted KING6619: syndra barrier KING6619: :-? KING6619: dont care ryze he is bronze4 KING6619: if he was there i could ult KING6619: he is b4 KING6619: what u say i was on call KING6619: im s2 noob it is my friend acc KING6619: im playing kata jungle KING6619: because this acc dont have ap jungler KING6619: kta isnt jungler i dont have ad runes on this acc KING6619: it was best choice for an ap jungler after eve KING6619: u are flaming i just play KING6619: and report in end KING6619: LOl KING6619: 300 gold for u Game 2 In-Game KING6619: No help = troll KING6619: No help = troll vayne KING6619: galio knock up jax KING6619: EZ KING6619: if u play like this in ranked demote to bronze 3 KING6619: if u play like this demote to bronze v KING6619: xD KING6619: i found it from your farm and play KING6619: lol KING6619: LLOL KING6619: I Catch u on air KING6619: wtf galio KING6619: can u describe why teleport top lane :-? KING6619: let unmute KING6619: im on euw or eune KING6619: Galio KING6619: dude it is normal and dont matter KING6619: just l2p KING6619: Galio you are inting hard KING6619: Just push lanes and die KING6619: 0 KING6619: 1vs5 always KING6619: super man I mean one bad word here ? does saying facts (BRONZE 4 with 30% WINRATE) is a bannable thing ? SAYING FACTS SHOULD NOT BE PUNISHED, a part of chat is not even flame im speaking about game to enemies or asking allies about their spells. not getting leash in start of game and fearing teammate to have a standard start is banable ? that dude banned my evelynn when i wanted play it to dont have a feeder that is not bannable ? no because i said riot i can do a free script to ban players who dont let others play the champ they like and they said No wE dONt waNt tHaT 2normal game i got trolled and flame by teammates and i went banned , such a nice designed system Eambo ever u went in a game center ? every freaking moment one player says fuc-k or sh!t and nobody is banned from gc, or game net or club or ... just sucks dude played many other games and not im sure u cant even name a game with a chat ban system, all games have voice chat or ban you from chat no game if you was toxic. yikes, other players post same thing in TECHNICAL SUPPORT and reporting this system is not working but my post deleted, still the same trash game, just lost 3//4 of its fans and board and other places full of article about the fact that league is a trash game
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