A little question about player behaviour

Hello and greetings. So I have met a soraka in aram and we were playing against a teemo.. I nicely asked her if she could buy a hextech sweeper to detect teemo's mushrooms.. She replied in a rude way and said it dosen't exist in aram.. Then I asked her nicely to type it in shop and she will find it. Yet she refused and she kept mocking me and everyone about their ranks, and offending everyone with insults. So i didn't want to fall into her trap, i didn't even bother to say "report soraka".. I only said "you're so toxic", and I explained in all chat to enemy team what have happened.. So my question is : Does telling someone that they are toxic is reportable and punishable? If yes or no please state a valid argument and thank you for your time. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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