An easy solution to one type of misbehaviour in League

Where: Game modes where you pick your most desirable roles. Problem: One does not get the desired role, but plays it anyway, without the consent of other team mates. Solution: During champ select everyone could also swap roles. Now if people do not play the roles they are given, they could easily be reported for this misbehaviour, and get proper punishment. This solution would make people respect the roles more, and prepare to play every role. Reasons: Why should anyone not be able to play the roles they are given? It would be so simple, if everyone respected the roles they are given, and respected other people. Last game i was 3rd pick and my role was jungle. Our first pick was supposed to be support, and just picked jungle insted. Now someone has to fill his role... And this actually feels very wrong, since everyone has a role chosen for them already. Anyway, this would be an easy solution... What do you think?
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