It's impossible for me to win a game anymore

I've just had enough of this, I do pretty good in every single game, but I'm still no perfect player, I make mistakes but not a lot. I probably lose my lane like 1/15 times, but I literally lose almost every single game because of the team I get, now this isn't about flamers, flamers are nothing compared to them, you can mute them and it's over, but this is just ridiculous, I always get people that just straight up play bad, no matter how much I roam, no matter how much I help them they're just straight up bad and I keep losing games because of them. It's been all going good this season until the tilt started, I literally dropped from stable 62%-64% winrate I kept track of to 57% in 2 weeks, sure it doesn't seem a lot but it actually is. Even if I was playing passively and just not feed I should win 50% of my games, but it's just always me who gets the bad team (if I don't get 2 afks in the team ofc) and at the end of the game it pisses me off when the enemies were not even playing that good but just got fed and carried by my teammates. Basically what I found out is that this game is mostly based on what teammates you get, so yeah it's almost purely based on luck unless you're smurfing. It's impossible the carry the team yourself because even if you roam, help everyone and make them kills it won't change their skills, sure you can contribute a lot to the team but you can't carry by yourself, so again unless you're smurfing it is mostly based on luck. Now I know that you probably think that I'm just another silver blaming his team for his own mistakes and that I'm the bad one in the time, so don't write that or don't give me advice that I shouldn't flame my teammates, stay postive, bs like that is not what I need, because half of the games I play I can't communicate with the team because I'm the only one that's not polish and the other half of the games, well, I have everyone muted because they're toxic. Unfortunately, playing with friends isn't an option either because they are all plat 1-3 and we can only play normals together. **I started playing ranked seriously this season, I never really played it a lot, just a few games in the previous 3 seasons, and I rarely played LoL Itself yet I'm probably going to quit ranked now because it's just not a thing for me, I don't like the idea of a "competitive game" being based on luck. ** Also, if any silver player on eune that's not polish and plays good wants to duo, feel free to add me if you want, I can play any role :)
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