Unjustified ban + further account problems. Final words.

So about a week ago my client closed with a message "You are banned for intentional feeding" with further 14 day-ban card of my ONE autofilled Lux-support game where I did bad, but not the worst actually. I never ever INT in my entire LoL career, always been a competetive player , this season i peaked Diamond 4 60 LP. What is more frustrating I got my honor reset just before the end of the season... But wait, Riot got something more for me... Obviously I contacted support, and guess what? They started to check if im the owner of the account, creating more and more issues. After the first part of the information submitted "wasn't enough" (even tho i gave them the payment info, previous emails etc) I just gave up on this. So now I am banned for nothing AND my account will be probably LOCKED since I already need to enter some kind of security shit before i log to website. I give up on this game guys, this company is nothing but a money-sucking monster and their game is nothing but a form of addiction, source of pain, frustration and misery (toxic community, not-caring support, poor gameplay and balance lately) No wonder their earnings consistenly go down to 2014 results and lower - people quitting, I highly not reccomend any new players joining this game , this will bring you nothing bad bad experience at the end of the day, you will get addicted and will spend hours of your time suffering and getting al kinds of negative emotions. Good thing now I finally feel free from this terrible addiction and looking to put more effort in real life. Wish all the LoL-junkies to overcome this addiction. Best Regards

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