FOR THIS %%%%IN SHIT I GET BANNED PERMANENTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE FLAMED BY THIS IDIOT MASTER YI 20 MINUTES AND IM THE ONE REPORTED AND BANNED..%%%% YOU RIOT %%%% ALL OF YOU MOTHER %%%%ERS,IM DONE WITH UR SHIT GAME IM PLAYING THIS GAME AND INVESTING MONEY FOR 10 YEARS BUT NOW ITS OVER.ALL BECASUE OF YOUR STUPID BAN SYSTEM YOU BAN ME FOR USING WORDS AS %%%%ING AND JUST BECASUE THIS GARBAGE CHILDREN REPORTED ME IM PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED AND I BET MY LIFE HE DIDNT GET ANYTHING EVEN IF HE STARTED TO FLAME ME.%%%% ALL OF YOU %%%%%%%%%%%%S In-Game LeSkunk: jinx if you play well at min 10 u will be 5-0 LeSkunk: au venit pe turn coae.... LeSkunk: ii rupem oricum LeSkunk: you will pay for that LeSkunk: jinx we have them LeSkunk: she cant farm LeSkunk: jinx pls focus vayne LeSkunk: not braum LeSkunk: cause u attack him like 5 minutes LeSkunk: she is trash LeSkunk: velkoz 2times botlane LeSkunk: annie sleep LeSkunk: reported LeSkunk: annie LeSkunk: after LeSkunk: yes LeSkunk: do you know how to flash + R you stupid %%%? LeSkunk: u are garbage LeSkunk: u dont deseev help LeSkunk: ba copilu LeSkunk: taci in sloboz LeSkunk: report me LeSkunk: :))) LeSkunk: taci in rasa matii LeSkunk: sa o fut in inima LeSkunk: ca te-ai bagat ca ruptu LeSkunk: he is reported LeSkunk: annie now its good? LeSkunk: velkoz come 3 times botlane LeSkunk: and u never follow him LeSkunk: annie died from nothing LeSkunk: she died from panic LeSkunk: ce vrei ma lake? LeSkunk: m-am batuut cu 2 LeSkunk: tu esti ratat? LeSkunk: m-am batut cu doi ma idiotule LeSkunk: da cine l-a omorat pe pantheon ma? LeSkunk: in rasa matii LeSkunk: hai taci LeSkunk: ca esti praf LeSkunk: ai mute LeSkunk: ratatu pulii LeSkunk: report this yi LeSkunk: verbal LeSkunk: jinx can u %%%%in help us? LeSkunk: or i quit and let you 4v5 LeSkunk: iti car meciu LeSkunk: ratatule LeSkunk: ar trebuii sa zici ms LeSkunk: jet in mm nu mai da pinguri LeSkunk: copil prost LeSkunk: 22 de ani LeSkunk: xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd LeSkunk: coae serios taci ca esti ratat LeSkunk: can u report this toxic yi? LeSkunk: he is so toxic LeSkunk: ty LeSkunk: taci ma LeSkunk: ba taci ma serios ca esti ratat LeSkunk: nu avem ce discuta LeSkunk: yea yea LeSkunk: rekted by feeder vayne LeSkunk: te bate vayne ala dupa ce l-am omorat de 50 de ori LeSkunk: he wants to report me for wining his game LeSkunk: dont solo mate LeSkunk: ... LeSkunk: toti te bat coae LeSkunk: da tu injuri LeSkunk: vayne ti-a dat-o LeSkunk: velkoz ti-a dat-o LeSkunk: iti dai seama ca daca te-as prinde in viata asta ti-as scoate plamanii nu? LeSkunk: copil prost LeSkunk: 22 de ani LeSkunk: flacau LeSkunk: te mananc pe paine ma LeSkunk: 30 ma lake LeSkunk: go drake LeSkunk: fiora LeSkunk: go drake LeSkunk: GO DRAKE LeSkunk: GO %%%%IN DRAKE LeSkunk: i dont flame LeSkunk: dont lie LeSkunk: you flame LeSkunk: tu ai inceput coae sa injuri LeSkunk: tu esti prost? LeSkunk: nobody will report me LeSkunk: gj fiora LeSkunk: no drake LeSkunk: better die LeSkunk: gj annie LeSkunk: now he is ass licking LeSkunk: ty annie LeSkunk: love you LeSkunk: bravo LeSkunk: insfarsit faci si tu ceva util LeSkunk: def pls LeSkunk: dont fight LeSkunk: sa vezi de nu se bat fara noi LeSkunk: si pierdem LeSkunk: :)) LeSkunk: :) LeSkunk: is tank coae LeSkunk: si dau dmg LeSkunk: stai cu mine numa LeSkunk: lets go all mid LeSkunk: fck LeSkunk: come and end pls LeSkunk: i will not def again LeSkunk: jinx LeSkunk: u dont need that shit LeSkunk: his blue :)))))))))))) LeSkunk: he was jungle all gmae LeSkunk: lets end LeSkunk: fiora negative attitude LeSkunk: gg all LeSkunk: gg Post-Game LeSkunk: wp all LeSkunk: u2 man
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