What is considered toxic in LoL is pretty much an illusion.

Want to know why ? Now before you down vote me to oblivion just hear me out a little. The bans are usually issued over chat related offences. Or leaver buster. But leaver buster is something on a whole other level. Let's talk about bans that occur after chat related issues. **Do you know what Riot does not take in consideration when banning people over this ?** **The number of games played and the honors those players receive.** **Before the punish, there should be quite a consideration over how many games this player played before he got banned. ** You know why ? Cause you start considering a player to be toxic, when maybe he is flaming/being offensive in like 1-10% of his games only. If I play 10 games today, and get reported in 1 of them, and then play 10 games again tomorrow, and get reported in 1 of them, i will end up getting reported 3 times after 30 games which is just enough for me to get punished by the system. Let that sink in, 3 games out of 30, i am being "toxic". Does that make me a toxic player overall ? It does not, we all have bad games and get in a bad mood sometimes. I really do not think the system is fair at all, it doesn't account for how many games you play, and how many honors you get, because hey, guess what, getting honored is way harder than getting reported, and it should influence what you consider to be "toxic". Just like dota has a conduct system, i think LoL could really benefit from something like that too. We are not robots, we cannot be perfect every single game, and act all cute and buddy buddy with everyone, cause guess what ? Some people play ranked games only and try to be competitive and win and climb, it's easy to say that you can be all friendly in normal/urf/whatever else games. But people have to deal with promo games, and demote games and stuff like that, and when someone is trolling you in one of those important games you kind of snap.
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