If someone goes 0/8 in 10 minutes they deserve ban

Talking about ranked only btw The only situation in which you go 0/8 or something similair at 10 minutes is when either/all of these conditions are met - First time on champion/role - Intentionally de-ranking - Boosted/Bought account (account sharing) - Troll/off meta build (Lethality poppy, Tank Veigar, etc.) 99% of people having a score like that at minute 10 have it because of those reasons, and in Riot’s books they are all punishable so where are the punishments? They aren’t even trying to combat boosted/bought accounts, a good system would be if someone is inting consistently and is losing games just as much you speed up his/her elo loss, similair to how smurfing speeds up elo gain.
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