Should I bother writing ticket?

So I just got a perma ban for flaming in 2 recent games. One of my teammate was cursing me hard since the beginning saying things like "noob mid" "feeder mid" for apparently no reason. Then he even talked abt my parents later on and started calling me moron. So I said things like "stfu/noob/kid" etc Game before that our top laner insta locked and fed hard as well as trolled. I said to him "uninstall idiot" meanwhile he flammed the hell out. I did not say any super harsh things like "get cancer and die noobs/die retards/I hope your family dies" no racist/homophobic things either and whatnot. I agree my behaviour might have been wrong and retaliation is not acceptable but perma ban seems a bit too much for this considering how the other guys were saying worse things to me than what I said. I can accept a 7 day or 14 day ban but perma ban? Can this be a mistaken ban? I am just wondering if I should bother writing ticket to support because those guys are stubborn and spam the same replies over and over lol
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