unfairly perma banned?

So, Im sorry if i posted this in the wrong section or something. I just wanna share how awfully my situation right now is. I got permamently banned due to toxicity whereas I was not toxic, and cannot find something toxic in my logs. I had first a 14d suspension that was like 2 years ago, but since then i tried to not get banned and stay positive in each lost game. Can someone explain me, what I did wrong? What I could've done better? Cause riot seems to not care much, after sending em a ticket. I got unfairly banned. Can i get unbanned since it was most likely an auto ban? Why didnt i get chat restricted instead of perma banned (although i was not toxic). What should i do? Here are the logs: Game 1 Pre-Game : you banned my twitch? : did u tell me not to? : somebody dodge : hecarim is trolling unlucky : why? : ok. In-Game : ikr : trueeee : im actually not trolling : seriously tryharding : but ye : w/e : why? : just go blue : he is trolling man : will steal my red : ... : why you pinging? : you will get muted : so am I : what will change you think? : me? : I wont get banned : because im not trolling :) : im waiting for him to leave my red : and i will start playing : i will no : im playing to win : always : how? : he will steal : I do : i cant : he is following me : 2? : that's sad : he is inting too : two kids? : what am i doing wrong? : what am i doing wrong? : i do what i want? : im not even arguing : you tripping syndra? : im jungle i dont know what you doing syndra : i wont surr too : i am the troll? : wut? : i think you havent took your pills today syndra : He will steal my camp : if i try to : ye i have this game recorded too : i have not done anything wrong : and you still do not tell me what ive done wrong : and as I said : as a kid, me, i want to know what ive done wrong : in order to imporve : but you still refuse to tell me : we literally didnt : this actually never happened : ? : when lol? : we literally never argued for that : and i have it recorded : i dont know what is ur problem syndra : we literally never argued even though i was first : heca didnt ask for jungle : And i didnt say anything to heca in advance : i dont know where you saw the arugment : there is literally no sense of arguing : like you are good : ik : what i did wrong? : tell this to heca : the problem is you dont undestand : who is the troller : and who is not : if you an adult : you will dodge the game : or you could go support : dont expect others to do things : you dont do Post-Game : eu matchmaking PS: those who are curious what've happened in this game is, another laner which was supposed to go support went jungle in the last second in a ranked match ( he was last pick or something ). So, me the jungler, had to face one more problem in my jungle, my griefing / trolling teammate. I didnt give up tho. After he banned my twitch jungle too, after telling him not to, i still remained positive. But that's not my problem, im just telling this "story" just to make some things clear. I already know that the trollers dont get banned. I don't post this little "story" as an evidence why I should get unbanned, dont take it into account. ** I want only the reason of me getting permamently banned due to toxicity, although i was not toxic, only this. ** PS: First time posting here, so please no flame. Just wanna understand some things. Update: Riot answered to my ticket this time with time invested in their answer and they looked up to why I was banned. It was cause of previous games. Now, im pleased to know that I wasn't banned only for this game.
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