"I want to lose"

So, here is the story. I que up for ranked and everything seems to be normal. The bans come out, both me and the top laner wanted to play yasuo but the enemy team banned him so no dispute there. I lock in vladimir instead. Enemy top laner picks pantheon and ours picks ashe. I tell him that might not me a good idea since pantheon has a strong laning phase and it would be very hard for him. Out of nowhere he types "I want to lose". I dodge, and lose 3 lp because this asshole wants to lose. Why in god's name to people play just to ruin the game for everyone else? It just pisses me so damn much that I get punished for this guy's actions and he gets to walk away for free only to go on and troll. Something needs to be done to get rid of these people. The report system has too much of a hard time catching intentional feeders and trolls.
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