Perma bans, toxic players, ban system, suggestion for unbanning accounts.

Hello, a little less than a year ago my main account got permanently banned, I was playing on that account for about 6 years I think. I am still playing League and I think I deserve a chance to get my account unbanned because I haven't gotten any bans since then and I believe I have reformed. I never got any bans on any other game except League. I really hope Riots sees this and takes it into consideration, I hope they will be open minded while reading this. I am going to be completely honest and won't be hiding the stuff that I got banned for. This is going to be a long post but I hope Riot sees this. I'm going to be saying my own opinion and I don't expect everyone to agree with me. You should read this whole thing before commenting. I don't think Riot should even be perma banning accounts for being toxic, I mean it's the internet, of course people are gonna insult you, I think there should be a perma chat ban for that and a perma ban for trolling, but whatever. In this post I'm going to be talking about: - kinds of toxic players - what I think a toxic player is - why I got banned - ban system - suggestions about giving players access to their perma banned accounts I won't be censoring any words because I don't intend to censor my own words. **1. Kinds of Toxic Players.** There is a lot of types of toxic players, I'm gonna be talking about some of them: - Griefers/trollers - those are the kinds of players who are really immature and if something doesn't go their way they are gonna go AFK, intentionally feed, steal someones farm and other stuff to make their own team lose. - Generally toxic people - those are the ones that blame you for their own mistakes, if you don't do what they want they will start flaming, if you're doing bad they will say "sell skin", report for inting or other stuff to tilt you but aren't saying any kind of of "bad" words so the system doesn't ban them that easily, to me those are the worst type of toxic players because if I'm already doing bad and I want to get better at the game I'm already pissed off at myself for doing stupid mistakes and I don't need anyone telling me I need to stop playing or other stuff. - People that flame hard when being flamed by toxic people - I was one of those, to me this kind of people isn't really toxic but starts flaming really hard when somebody tilts them. **2. What I Think a Toxic Player Is.** I think that toxic players are those who start flaming other people, not the ones who defend themselves with flaming instead of muting the toxic person. That's just my opinion because I am a jungle main and we all know jungle gets blamed a lot, so before when I saw someone telling me I'm boosted or shit, I really got tilted and I needed to write something back to them (that was me before, now when someone blames me and I know it's not my fault I just find it funny how stupid they are and I don't flame them I just mute them or write something that doesn't make any sense like "me too" or "ok" or when I am tilted from matches before I write stfu or something like that but I don't think that's really that bad). **3. Why I Got Banned.** I got banned for using "hard" and "offensive" words. I only got a two week ban and after that a perma ban. I think I mostly got banned for saying "%%% %%%" and "%%% %%%got" a lot, those were the only "offensive" words I used but I never say that anymore and I know it's been just a year but I think I have matured a lot in that 1 year, and I don't get the need to say those words any more. I never attacked anyone I just used those words and flamed the people that flamed me, I know that it's against the rules to say that, even if I don't agree with those rules, I know that I can get banned if I don't follow them, and I admit I was really immature back then, but come on, people change, and besides that, words are only offensive if you let them be offensive, when someone tells me to kill myself or stuff like that I don't really give a shit. I'm not saying I shouldn't have gotten banned but I think that there needs to be some way (like The Level 20 Challenge) to get my account back because people actually can reform. **4. Ban System.** I think that Riot's current ban system is really really bad and I'm going to tell you why. When I still had my main account I was playing on my smurf and said this in all chat: "fiora called me a %%%%%% %%%got", she didn't really say that I just wanted to see what will happen, in that game I was also kind of trolling but it wasn't ranked and I don't remember it that well but I think that I had a reason and that I didn't int, mostly chat trolling I think, after that I think I didn't play anymore on that account and when I came back to play I saw I had a 14 day suspension (that account is now my main and now I have to be really careful not to get a perma...). After that I wrote a ticket to Riot and they said that even though that it has been taken out of context they said that I was toxic in my other games and that they are not going to undo that ban, I admit, I was toxic but still the game that got me banned was taken out of context. You can say that I got banned for trolling but I have another example and that one is from today. Before writing this post I wanted to test something out, I went on my level 7 account and decided to write "offensive" words in all chat, not to players, just write them every 5 minutes or less. I wasn't trolling and we won that game, I was just writing words, not anything else and I didn't even include "you are" before those words, it was a game of ARURF. After we won I exited that account and I returned less than 5 minutes later and my account got a 14 day suspension, I was playing with a friend and I told him to report me to fasten up the process. That was the only game I was "toxic" on that account and I didn't even get a chat ban I immediately got a 14 day ban. But then there is so many games that players say that I should die from cancer, blaming me for their own mistakes, flaming each other and they still have their accounts, I rarely see someone saying "offensive" words because all the people that used them probably got banned, I'm not saying they don't deserve it but people who are still in my games and are, what I find, more toxic then I ever was, I think they deserve it too but I still see them in my games. I think wishing someone cancer is so much worse then calling them a racial slur, but then %%% is really bad too because if someone is depressed they might find it very disturbing and that's why i don't say that any more. That's why I think Riot's ban system should be improved a lot, it only registers certain words and if you say them you will get banned immediately. **5. Suggestions About Giving Players Access to Their Perma Banned Accounts.** - Why I think players should get a chance to get their accounts back - some people say that players already got enough chances to reform but trust me, it's not the same to get a 2 week ban and a perma ban, people say that after you get a two week ban, if you haven't reformed you deserve to get perma banned, but those people don't know what it's like to be perma banned, they don't know the difference between two weeks and permanent. Only after you get a perma ban you realize how much that account meant to you (at least for me). I spent so much time on leveling, climbing, getting IP/Blue essence, buying champions and I spent so much money too (please don't tell me spending money doesn't give me permission to be toxic because trust me I already know that, I heard that a lot of times, I'm only saying that because losing that much money means a lot too), I mean we're talking about 6 years, that's a lot of time, and then a couple months of toxicity threw all that time away. I know that I can make another account and play on it and I am, but it just doesn't feel the same. I also think that it's not fair that the people who participated in the level 20 challenge got a chance to get their account back and I can't get that chance. I think I was playing while the level 20 challenge was around, because I had another account before the perma banned one, I'm not sure when The Level 20 Challenge got taken down though. - The Level 20 Challenge - I know that Riot already tried this and that it was a failure but I think that it was awesome because players got a chance to prove they have reformed. I already passed 20 levels on my account which I played on after I got perma banned and I got to platinum without a ban but Riot doesn't care about that because The Level 20 Challenge doesn't exist anymore. - How I think they should redo the challenge - It doesn't need to be 20 levels, it can be 10, 15, 30, a certain rank or whatever, I just think they need to add it and I will suggest how, I don't know if that's doable or if it's too hard to do but this is my suggestion: they make a separate site where you can apply for the challenge, you make an account and link it to your perma banned account, after you reach a certain level that Riot said out to be the level to complete the challenge without a ban, your permanently banned account gets unbanned. You make it so it's all controlled by bots because I know it would be too hard for people to control it because there would be too many people trying, I mean if you can hire bots to ban people why can't you hire them to unban them as well. That was all for this post, I know it was a long post but I think I said everything that I wanted to say, I hope this post changes something and I want you to know all I was saying was true, I wasn't lying about my ban reason and why the ban system is bad. I hope this gets seen by riot.

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