Just get demoted again.

Okay i got Flaming Blitz and Troll Yi with Yasuo who called me names whole game. I did not flamed back like every game. Now i was demoted again thanks to people like that. Even if i ask polietly to work better like team. I just get flamed for that. Last seasson i was silver. This seasson i am Bronze and i cant get higher ... Also WHY AS A GOOD BEHAVIOUR PLAYER i am rewared with people in 7 out of 10 games which call me Retard or Idiot for losing their line? All i can say is them not to blame me for me asking them to play defensive ignoring my advice. And even that can be considered flame ... Now i am Bronze III ... Also thanks to issues with Matchmaking i losed like 80LP just for trying to start the match ... Yeah great ... Bronze forever ... Why i am stucked with people who are ofensive when i behave good?! What's the point to behave when youre stuck with this kind of people?! It's like "**For your examplentionary behaviour you wont get banned! And also please note we are sorry for the game you have also for the issues but hey! Our new system "cough" Works! "cough" So please be patient and enjoy a game!**" How am i supposed a enjoy a game when i am promoted to Bronze II AND RIGHT OF THE BAT demoted because of people who are stuck with 0LP for flaming and refuse to cooperate at all?! HOW?! WHY?!
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