Pick Order Explained... Hope this explains it...

A majority of the players in this game seem to have this completely deluded idea of pick order so i&#039;m going to illustrate something for them that will make it extremely clear and easy to understand. For those of you who would rather read it, Pick order is WHEN you pick, not WHERE you are placed in the set of 5 players on your team, if the first two on your team pick at the same time they are classed as 1&#039;st pick and must agree with eachother who plays what, both players pick at the same time therefore neither has priority over the other so this conception of calling IM FIRST PICK, when the player who picks at the same time is also FIRST PICK does not mean you can scream at them telling them they are second pick and have no right to picking what they want. TL:DR 1&#039;st pick = First PLAYER""">S<""" To Pick, Etc. Etc. If you plan on contributing to the vote please comment with the reason as to why, this will allow us to discern the mindset of the player base
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