Best way to make a flameless/blameless/trashless community!

**Hello Summoners,** Some people think, that **League Of Legends** has some toxic players, i wont negate this fact. There are some ways to deal with toxic people - mute them (it gets boring to mute players when u cant communicate with them normally), report them in after game screen. _Tribunal_ has developed a way to stop those toxic people - chat restricts. I have an idea how to make these punishments more effective. As we know, chat restricts let player write fixed amount of messages during the game. After these restricts, about 40% of players improve their behavior, but the rest does not! During chat restrict, players should not be able to write any messages, pings are enough for communication. After this restrict, if player does not improve his behavior, that should result in a permanent ban. I think that if **Riot Games** would make those changes, in a half year community would be a lot more decent. But there is bad side of the medal - **Riot** would lose some players - that means less **RP** transactions. But then, more people would get interested in **League Of Legends** because of the decent community, players who quit because they got insulted many times would come back to the game. For now, we should remain on ignoring those jerks. Let me know if u want a restriction changes by voting in a pool!

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