Leavers need to be punished harder/Leaving must be discouraged stronger

3 of my last 4 games have featured botlanes that fed excessively and then one member leaving early. All 3 of those games were actually winnable had they been 5v5 but inevitably with 4v5 against a fed adc not much can be done. As a result I have now been demoted despite playing really quite well for my low standard. It really seems like these guys don't care about leaving and the consequences are so lax that they just give up and leave us other teammates to face a grueling undeserved defeat(at least undeserved in that poor manner) while they go and resume their day. It is really disgusting behaviour and quite frankly deserves worse punishment than flamers. After all, you can mute a flamer and even though their attitude may be undesirable they may yet be of some use in-game. You can do nothing against a leaver who already gave away lots of gold worth to the enemy carries in kills. I really hope it is just my recent experience of this as a trend but please... leaving a ranked game must be punished harder than losing the standard LP for a loss anyway and maybe an hour ban. I've spent half an hour for queue-dodging trollers. Cheers, Skyfoogle

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