RITO - The Child Made Company

Am I the only one who finds RIDICULOUS the over sensitiviness around this community? Everything is a hard offense, RITO is telling these kids that play, that passive agressiveness is the way to go, but being up front with anyone and telling it like it is somehow is considered obscene. I got bullied in school, like EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT GOES TO SCHOOL, do you know what works against bullying? Hitting them straight in the face and breaking a nose or two. RITO, more than a blood sucking company that presents champions and skins as regular as they can ($$$$€€€€), without having the balance of the game in account, ARE ALSO A COMPANY THAT HAS RESPONSABILITY TOWARDS FUTURE GENERATIONS, SOCIALLY SPEAKING, DUE TO THE MASSIVENESS OF THE GAME, WORLD WIDE. I played CS 1.6 and CS GO professionally for years, where FLAMING occurs IRL, not behind a computer, and still people were not so sensitive, they would not cry for name calling, they would DEAL with it and winning a game against the enemy would even taste BETTER. League of Legends has the worst community in the history of gaming (the community is so bad, that unlike other online games, RITO did not made available the option to speak with teammates (unless premade)), and the main reason for that is the fact that the company defends an idea of a society that does not exist, trying to force upon everyone that plays the game, their own ideology of a false sense of security (imagine being a 15 year old that plays LoL for 12H a day and thinking that, in the real world, they can tease people and get them banned after being offended, flash news for ya: doesnt happen). Since I've decided I am quitting the game for good, I'll leave you all with some last thoughts: Is it really better to be a passive agressive and rather cinical person, when compared to being up front and telling others what you think? Maybe this way of thinking is what got us in trouble in the first place. Look at the USA, where people are now offended on behalf of OTHER people. Even the concepts of FACTS and OPINIONS got mixed, basic biology is now rejected, anyone can be whatever the f$%) they want (or at least they think), and that calamity and overall intelectual dishonest is caused due to this type of PROTECTIONISM (that RITO forces upon any that plays, despite the years of dedication).
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