Did anyone notice that most of toxic players are actually amazing players??

Just a tought that went through my head, wanted to know others opinion. I have just noticed, that almost always when someone is toxic or flaming others, he is indeed the best player in the team. Im not saying that he should get a permission to be, im just saying that the toxic one is actually mostly the pro one. Like idk, had a game where i was 2/5 (yea i know sux) and others were equaly like 2/6 1/4 and etc, just bad game, and then there was this guy top flaming his brain on us, but he ended the game 16/1 and actually DID carry us to victory, not being him there, we would straight up lose before even 20. And this happened many many times, that mostly the ones who flame are the ones who are just straight up amazing at the game. How come the best players are the most flaming ones?? or is it just my luck that i have been getting the protoxics?
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