how is it my honor is taken and i am being chat banned after being harrassed all game by teammembers

Game 1 Pre-Game Cotedor: just take some champ to crush them early :) In-Game Cotedor: talkin to me ? Cotedor: lol Cotedor: for what Cotedor: you die Cotedor: not me Cotedor: so im solo vs 2 Cotedor: tresh be roaming Cotedor: im not gona suicide to def a turret Cotedor: you are last pick Cotedor: and lose vs garen Cotedor: so shutup Cotedor: rly Cotedor: open bot Cotedor: gg vi Cotedor: 3 man top free inhib nice Cotedor: rep this vi Cotedor: useless and vflame.. Cotedor: you ppl Cotedor: ping me and do this -=.- Cotedor: rly Cotedor: ty for throw nub Cotedor: you go in for bad fight Cotedor: pls report flaming vi, only flame all game Cotedor: im done gg Cotedor: %%%% vi :) Cotedor: no you suck Cotedor: you go in fight 3v4 and blame me Cotedor: nice this tank Cotedor: t Post-Game Cotedor: we have idiot top Cotedor: only cry and flame all game Cotedor: whyle losing as last pick Cotedor: rly useless Cotedor: im in a 1v2 on bot Cotedor: i have no tank Cotedor: you are the problem Cotedor: with idiot pick vi Cotedor: and kitty 0 gank Cotedor: treesh roaming mid all time gives free turrets Cotedor: just report this flamer :P Cotedor: it is Cotedor: you ask for it like 2 times Cotedor: is kinda flamy Cotedor: you dont do shit Cotedor: keep engage 2v4 3v4 and blame it on me not being there Cotedor: you should just grow brain Cotedor: and not go into lost fight Cotedor: bye all text i said, why doesnt it show all text they say? i understand i did not stay polite and nice until the end, but i am getting harrassed all time, they asking ppl to report me, every minute, pinging on my head all time whyle they go into 2v4 fight and blame me. it really tiring ppl like this, i tried to talk normal about it, but all you get backk is %%%% you and you suck and your useless. make me understand pleas why i get chat banned. make me understand pleas why my teammembers are allowed to talk like this (this, i dont know but probably you should be able to acces it somewhere) i already have the idea for a lon time the board doesnt really review games, they just ban/chatrestrict people when enough people made a report against you isnt it ?
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