Why punish if someone is willing to go troll....

Why dodging has so big punishment -3 Lp also 5minute ban who wants to play ranked game and lose 19 lp because of lux adc??? https://i.gyazo.com/43d16268c72fa2fe60add81e7b873f16.jpg So please make dodging that way you dont lose LP i got 24minute ban + i lost like 10 lp for dodging an game that was lost probably 100-0 and what would've this troller gotten,nothing probably for picking lux adc dodging an problem i see it as good thing , riot sees it as bad thing.... Doesnt it go on real life like this ''**Dodge problems far and you'll be fine and dont end in jail''** well i dodged an problem and got punished do something to this problem please everyone dont want to lose lp because one guy wants to lux adc on rankeds https://i.gyazo.com/d25a15cf93e560550dc13dc5e0b23207.png

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