unfair chatrestriction and degrading of honor because of premades

I just got a chat restriction of a game i played. in this game our jungler evelynn died to my enemy toplaner and the enemy jungler and started raging on me. i clearly pinged that my enemy was missing but she didn't care, i was 'the fcking sleeping top' i answered on her messages and didn't really have fun playing anymore but yet i carried on and did my best because our support nautilus asked me too, i told him she made me lose interest and that she took away the fun. BUT I KEPT PLAYING FOR MY TEAM. after the game i got reported by the evelynn for not assisting her in the jungle and trying to win my lane. and also got reported by her premade friends or i wouldn't have gotten this ban! IT IS UNFAIR THAT I GET A PENALTY FOR JUST RESPONDING AND TRYING TO PLAY GOOD WHILE I GET FLAMED ON MYSELF! Riot u clearly don't read all of the chat and your restrection system is flawed i expect you to make this right and restore my honor level and report the true troll!!! i spent so much time and money on your game riot and i now after 4 years of playing get an unfair ban! I can give the name of the player who reported me unfairly if you want!
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