Flaming people over non-meta playstyles

**IS NOT ACCEPTABLE**, and let me tell you, being forced to play a role (Like support), is never a good thing for some players. I am a support main, but normal games give me opportunity to try new meta stuff, like for example ap Shaco support, my team instantly thinks "Holy fuck this guy is gonna troll us, gg, somebody leave". And in-game they proceed to flame you because you picked something that doesn't belong to the current meta. Seriously, stop bossing people around, and not letting them play what they want.. (**At least in normal games**) Oh, on a sidenote, it's good to see that players that actually want to help you, exist. For example: I had a power outage last game, and I was afk for about 15 minutes, and when I came back, nobody flamed me because I was afk, I just said I'm sorry, and the friendly LeBlanc was like "Don't worry, try to come back, I'll help you". And she pinged me lanes that had masses of minions, even let me have two kills. Sadly, the game was lost, but I still felt very happy to see such players, so kudos to that player! <3
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