Things you shouldn't do in League

[If you got anything you think i should add just comment below and i might add it] [keep in mind that it at least has to have to do with player behavior] [While the main focus is player interaction it also covers in game behavior and lightly choice making] 1. **Don't call people noobs** Beyond being disrespectful it will not magically make the person play better and most likely contribute toward your ally tilting and tilted players don't play well. 2. **Don't say "why?" after someone dies** Now this one should probably be obvious but constantly questioning your allies when they make a mistake also only serves to annoy 3. **Don't ping your Allies dead body with the "missing enemy" ping** This is basically the ping version of the above. 4. **Don't use excessive or obvious warning pings** pinging twice or thrice isn't that bad but keep pings a bit moderated since it can easily annoy and if an enemy is standing right next to your ally meaning he can obviously see the "danger" don't ping it, because after a while obvious pings can get annoying. 5. **Don't insult players** I probably don't have to explain this one, if you are unable to hold back from insulting the person, just don't use the chat, you are running the risk of tilting your ally and getting a chat ban or more. 6. **Don't yell at people over mistakes** As most of the things on this list this can also contribute to tilt, but above that it also makes people hesitant to try again, meaning it will not just not be helpful to them but actively detrimental, instead try giving constructive feedback. 7. **Don't yell ks** This is pretty much a more specific example of the last point, yelling at your allies that they stole your kill only actively makes them reluctant to help you and annoys them, just like before, instead of using "ks" just ask them to let you finish off enemies so you can get more gold. 8. **Don't Play Teemo** Now i think we can all agree that this one is self explanatory. 9. **Don't play the blame game** You just got ganked or maybe you died in lane or your team lost a fight, maybe you are at the Defeat screen, well that sucks but don't start blaming your allies, accept that this loss is the loss of a team not a single person, yes some parts of the team might have excelled, but a team is only as strong as its weakest link, meaning that you should make sure that your allies are safe and actively protect them from harm if an enemy could take them out easily. (obviously this doesn't always work in practice especially if the weakest link is a tank) 10. **Don't complain about your team to the enemy** Especially things like "my stupid jungler never comes top" because you are just punching yourself at that point, your jungler wont want to gank your lane and the enemy will probably target you to try to get you to tilt so you make more mistakes. 11. **Don't say "GG ez" or similar things** It's just being a dick really not much to say about that one. 12. **Don't disrespect/insult your enemies** All scenarios of disrespecting and insulting players apply equally to allies and enemies, as you shouldn't call your ally a noob, you also shouldn't call the enemy a noob. 13. **Don't call for "noob" reports** Now I'm not touching on the legality of report calling itself yet, but rather just don't say you'll report people for playing bad, things such as "noob reported" "troll reported", is the player possibly bad? sure, but why would you even think that's against the games rules and as for trolls, if the person hasn't magically announced that they are going to troll and all they did was pick an off meta champion and you don't like that, just don't, they are most likely just trying out different champions in different roles an there's nothing wrong about that (just don't take it to ranked ;P) And even when the person says he'll troll and does it, well your team mates obviously know it too so there's no need to rally your team against the trundle. 14. **Don't report call** Now even if for example player X breaks the summoners code, don't report call, anyone who saw him break it can report him and report calling is not allowed. (also it really distracts from the game) 15. **Don't spread the seed of doubt early** Sometimes you might not be positive that you can win this even though it's only 5 or 10 minutes into the game, hey maybe the enemy shaco just score a double kill as he counter ganked and then came bot for another double kill. Now obviously this hurts morale but don't show it, rather than admit that you don't think it can be won encourage your teammates, don't let the pessimism get to you, Stay positive. Illuminate the enemy. 16. **Don't let envy get to you** Yes someone might have an outrageous skin and you are jealous that they have it and oyu don't, but don't let this get to you, just stay friendly maybe even compliment the others skin (this is a practice that usually results in a friendly start) 17. **Don't play lone wolf style** Now let me explain, this is not about you sticking to your team the whole time, but rather about coordinating with your team, don't just run off alone without any communication. (this isn't so much toxic but just good advice) 18. **Don't build the same items** Now sometimes obviously you can build the same items, but always keep in mind to keep your build dynamic, do you need more armor? Do you need mr? Try to make your build fit your current situation. 19. **Don't instalock** While you have all the right to do it it's something you shouldn't do. Instead try to pick something your team needs in their comp if possible. 20. **Don't expect everyone to operate by call order** Now this obviously doesn't apply In draft, a lot of people yell out the role they want to play In champion select, not everyone does this and yelling the role is not a rule. 21. **Don't say someone doesn't deserve to win** Another clear dick move I think most can agree. 22. **Don't focus on what others could have improved** Now in no way am I saying don't provide tips, but once your team of randoms is gone the only thing you can change for future games is yourself. 23. **Don't retaliate to flamers** While it's understandable that flamers might annoy you it's important to stay calm and not flame back at them, for one because before the system it doe snot matter who started your behavior will still be punished and for the other if you start flaming the flamer the situation will only escalate more, instead try to deescalate by trying to calm him down and if that doesn't work just mute them 24. **Don't take the bait** If a near full hp enemy is recalling, don't engage, if you see a low hp player run up to you and then run away from you, make sure that you either have enough vision or can chase the down before they get into territory where you could easily be jumped by hidden people. Oh and don't chase singed. 25. **Don't insult off meta players** Not everyone abides by the meta and no player has an obligation to pick for example a "support champion" as a support position. They aren't trolls, they aren't intentionally throwing the game, they are simply putting champions in different roles for this illusive thing called fun. The same goes for unusual builds. 26. **Don't take yourself too seriously** It's pretty important to be able to laugh at your own mistakes, i mean cmon, when Lucian ults in the polar opposite direction of his enemy, that's pretty hilarious. And being able to laugh at yourself helps avoid tilt. 27. **Don't Tilt and play** If you are tilted, just, just don't play, trust me on this one, it will not be enjoyable and you will not do good.
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